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Posted on May 25, 2017 at 01:25 AM

Are you planning to move to Ireland? A lot of entrepreneurs are of the opinion that the grass is green on the other part of the fence. Thus, they are at all times on the lookout for discovering new pastures. Moving becomes a great option when it’s seen that a certain country is providing better workforce compared to other nations. Ireland is one of those preferred and favorite countries for company and business relocations. Apart from that, the Irish economy has slowed down after a few years of massive growth – but today, there are indications of recovery. Therefore, if you are one of those people who consider relocation or moving your business to the lovely country of Ireland, read this essential information. THE ACCOMMODATION Ireland’s mass is categorized into 32 counties. Such counties provide both commercial and residential properties for lease, rent or sell. In case you didn’t know yet, Ireland real estate has been a thriving industry, and that is thanks to the massive influx of companies, business houses, and investors, which are moving to the country for many years. However, as with most countries in Europe, the price of property in Ireland has dropped back to degrees that are more realistic. These days, you have a lot of options to choose from when we talk about properties. It’s better to start searching for a property no less than a year prior to actually heating to Ireland. You can also opt for county home, cottage, townhouse, cottage houses, farms, and apartments at reasonable rates. You will find real estate agents that will ensure that you receive these properties in a hassle-free process. BUSINESS AND JOBS Ireland has a promising attitude towards business. Lots of people are not aware of this. The corporate tax in this country is set at 12.5% - substantially lower than many other countries. Furthermore, Ireland has encountered an economic boom for several years, and that’s thanks to countless companies, which were moving to the country. Nevertheless, the last several years were tougher there. Seeking work and beginning a new business is not as simple as it was five to six years ago at the level of the boom. However, there are still many job vacancies and great job prospects in this country. The perfect and lucrative jobs in this nation can be accessible in the six successful sectors of Ireland. Those are the real estate sector, the education, health and the tourism and green sector, which deals in the renewable energies. HIGHER EDUCATION Ireland has acquired a worldwide reputation as a nation, which offers high-quality education. The warmth, the supportive learning setting, the hospitality of the locals, the safe atmosphere, the flexibility in the course, and the friendliness and warmth in their attitude has made any potential students consider the alternative of studying here. The University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, and the Dublin City University are some of the sought-after universities in Ireland. No doubt, Ireland provides great accommodation, great job opportunities and great education facilities among all the nations of European Union.

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